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Notarial and Legalisation fees

Please call me on my HP 96960096 for full details of my charges. 

Notarial Responsibilities

 Notarial acts require a high standard of care, as reliance on such acts is made by clients, third parties, foreign governments and their courts. I have a responsibility to protect against alterations, fraud and forgery.

Notarial acts are not rubber stamping exercises and the requirements of accuracy and validity cannot be overridden by urgency or expense.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Notarial responsibility is limited to the Notarial formalities and does not extend to advice on or drafting of documentation or on the matter under consideration. 


Proof and Identification

In order to meet the high standards of Notarial acts, I am required to obtain proof (to my discretion and satisfaction) of identity, any represented legal capacity and authority, clients understanding of documentation, interpretation/or translation into or from other languages, effectiveness of documentation, validity, signature and witnessing, observance of required formalities both in Singapore and abroad.

Identification of individuals will be required. Individuals should produce their NRIC card or current passport, or in exceptional cases, other proof of similar validity and reliability.

In the case of companies, details of the proof and information required, depending on the circumstances and service required, should be discussed in advance with me.


Preparation of documentation for Notarial action is formal and prior preparation of documents or draft documents may be required. Early discussion of outline requirements may be required. Early discussion of outline requirements with me is advised. Time, expense, and error may be saved if clients, or their advisors, provide, in advance of any personal consultation, the originals or exact and complete photocopies of:

  1. all documents to be notarised

  2. covering correspondence or forms of instruction from the county to which the documentation is to be provides that relate to that act

  3. identification evidence (as referred to above)

  4. documents to be notarised should not be bound, as I have to bind them with a covering Notarial Certificate.​


Translations may be required of documents before a Notarial act.


An initial appointment and an appointment to finalise the Notarial act may be required, particularly if documentation has to be prepared in a certain unique style.

Attendance arrangements outside can be made. An attendance fee will be charged in these cases. Travelling and travelling time will incur additional expense to the client.


You are asked to supply me with clear instructions, including all relevant background information, at the outset, and as the matter continues.

Company clients should nominate one individual who is authorised to give instructions on the company's behalf in relation to each matter. 


Fees are normally due for settlement on  completion of work and prior to release of completed documentation. In other words, "cash on Delivery" of service.

In the event of payment not being made as requested, I reserve the right to decline to act any further on behalf of the client and/or to exercise a lien on any papers or documents of the client which are in my possession, until payment has been made.


I attach great importance to dealing with clients' affairs in strict confidence. However some information may occasionally be made available to an external authorities. The Singapore Academy of Law and the Law Society of Singapore also have the rights of inspection of attestation registers and other information to ensure good practice.

Foreign Law

I do not advise on foreign law but act in an evidential, authentication capacity.

Notarial Services

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