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Most people know nothing about Notary Publics until they require one.

At present there are only a few hundred of us in Singapore. Although all Notary Publics in Singapore practice as lawyers, their practice as Notary Publics is independent from that of lawyers. Very few lawyers in Singapore practice solely as a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths. 

I am one of them.


Notaries are mainly concerned with overseas matters and with the certification and verification documents that will be used in other countries of the world for clients who have business or property overseas, or who are involved in litigation in foreign courts.

A notary mainly acts as an impartial and legally trained witness to authenticate and verify the execution documents required or intended for use outside Singapore.

I have been a Lawyer since 1990, and a Notary Public since 2005. I am one of the few lawyers in Singapore to practice solely as a Notary Public. Do contact me with any questions about my Apostille, Notary or Legalization services. You may call me at 96960096 if you are in Singapore. You can also email me directly if you are overseas as I do not attend to overseas calls. Do look up my How it Works pages before you contact me.

Unlike other service providers, I will personally attend to your calls. As such, I will appreciate it if you keep your calls and emails succinct and to the point.


Notarial functions under Singapore Law include:

  1. attesting the signature and execution of documents

  2. authenticating the execution of documents 

  3. administration of oaths and declarations

  4. power of attorney, corporate records, contracts, tenders

  5. certify true copies of documents

  6. international domain name transfers​

Maurice Oon

Notary Public, Singapore


"Maurice responded to my enquiry email promptly and actually came up with a solution that simplified what we needed. Arrangements were made quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. We would definitely contact Maurice again if we require a Notary in Singapore."

Bernadette Roche

EnQuest PLC, UK.



" Your service was well received. Everything was prepared and very convenient for me. Did not take up much of my time for the procedures. Best of all is the reasonable fee. Would definitely recommend you to anyone. Keep it up and thanks a lot. "

Mr Gavin Ong

" I have to say that I am happy with your service in that you are flexible. Even though you have agreed to meet me near my place, you did not hesitate to come to my house to let me sign the documents when you know I have just given birth and not convenient to leave home with my baby. I also do not have to spend time following up with you as you were very prompt in replying our emails."

Ms Esther Loo

" I would like to thank you for making everything so easy and convenient for us. It was really wonderful to deal with you. Thank you so much for your flexibility with our time changes and your kind understanding as well. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone I know who needs it."

Ms Charis See

" I am very impressed with the convenience and promptness of your service. I had wanted to sign my papers for quite a number of weeks but didn't know a notary public and couldn't make the time to go down to a notary public’s office.


When I came across your web site, all I needed to do was to go to email my request and details, and Maurice came down to my office with the prepared documents for signing, and my papers were done! It was so efficient that I didn't even have time to procrastinate! 

All the best and thanks a million!"

Ms Theresa Tan

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